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  1. Research the destination. What activities would you like to try? What sights would you like to see? Create an itinerary for each day. You don't have to stick with that itinerary but at least you have a plan and an idea of what you may gain from the trip.

  2. If you are not an experienced traveler, make your first several trips with tour groups. That way you can gain some experience first before you start traveling on your own.

  3. Get Global Entry. Avoid long lines during security and in customs. Spare your dignity from having to take off your shoes and unpack every personal item you are carrying. Breeze through the lines!

  4. Spend extra money on your accommodations to ensure that you are staying in a safe place. Your safety is always important. Smaller boutique hotels usually offer excellent service and they are aware of any loiters in their lobbies thus keeping you safer!

  5. Purchase a SIM card for the foreign city that you are visiting. Many cards can be purchased in advance and sent to your home. Or, some mobile carriers have the option to adding international calling and texting while you are away. Do check with your carrier.

  6. Purchase a charging case or a portable charger for your phone so that you don't lose power while you are out exploring a new destination.

  7. Download an offline app map for the city that you are visiting. We recommend

  8. Call your credit/bank card companies before you travel to put a travel notification on your cards. Write down the customer service numbers and credit card numbers and keep these in a safe place. Leave one copy at home with a friend or family number and take the other one with you and store in a safe place away from your cards. 

  9. Before you leave, purchase one hundred dollars of the currency for your destination. You don’t want to land and have to search for an ATM at midnight.

  10. Visit a travel clinic to see if you need any vaccinations. Also travel with medicine for traveler's diarrhea.

  11. Search online to find out where taxis, trains or buses are located at the airport and pricing beforehand to avoid scams.



  1. Take a large purse that you can use to carry all the necessary items for a long-haul trip. Store this bag under your seat so you can easily reach it instead of having to always take your carry on out of the overhead compartment.  

  2. Use a travel wallet.  This is a long rectangular wallet that you can store all the documents that you will need for TSA, check in and customs.  For example, your passport, your driver’s license, your boarding passes, your complete travel itinerary because you want to remember when you are landing and what time your next flight is scheduled to leave. You will also want to keep some currency from your country and some for the country where you are landing.

  3. In your large carryon purse put travel size bottles of hand lotion (yes, you do dehydrate on the plane), breath mints, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash, all medicines, travel slippers and any other item that will make you more comfortable on a long-haul trip!

  4. Be sure to take a travel toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash.  

  5. Wear or carry a cotton scarf.  Scarves are always stylish but they also serve to keep you warm on the airplane and they are useful when you are visiting countries where you may need to cover your shoulders or bare arms.  We recommend cotton because it is a natural fabric.  

  6. Wear layers because planes are often cold especially when you want to sleep at night.

  7. Ladies, when in airports comfortable shoes matter!  

  8. Remember that when you are in transit is the most likely time to be pickpocketed.  Watch your valuables while at the airport and when getting on and off busses and trains.

  9. Always learn at least a few words and phrases of the language. People really appreciate your efforts and are much more likely to help you!

  10. Be respectful of the culture you are in. Be aware of the customs and traditions and try not to insult people.  



  1. Use an inside travel pouch (worn under your clothing) to carry your credit cards and cash. Keep some paper money and coins in your pocket or purse for the small items you will want to purchase so that you are not always reaching inside for your travel pouch.

  2. Be sure not to wear expensive jewelry if you plan to roam through poorer parts of the city. Only consider taking a few pieces of expensive jewelry if your plans call for upscale parties or you are staying at luxury hotels. Even then, pack only a few pieces.

  3. Blend in. Wear clothes that suit the destination. 

  4. You don't have to be paranoid, but always be aware of who is around you.

  5. If you are lost, don't accept help from a stranger on the street. Instead, go inside a shop and ask for directions.

  6. Don't trust people too quickly. Con artists are very social and impressionable. They make a living out of it!

  7. In some hotels, room doors are left open while they are cleaning the room.  Travel with a hard cover suitcase and lock your valuables inside it when you are out.  Make sure that you have a secure lock on your luggage and not one that is easily picked!

  8. Take your city map to the hotel concierge and ask her/him to circle any dangerous areas that you should avoid.

  9. Do not pull out a full-sized map in the street!  Instead use a discrete pocket map or an app.

  10. Take only what you need with you each day when you go out. Do not take all credit cards and all of your cash.

  11. Walk with confidence and smile and enjoy yourself!

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