Femscape Sojourns

Connecting Women with Other Women in Cultures Around the World


About Femscape

Femscape Sojourns is a mother-daughter owned boutique women’s travel company. We bring together females who prefer small group travel & who are interested in exploring destinations around the world. 

We offer sojourns for women age 40+, women in their 20s & 30s and, mother-daughter trips.

We take you to culturally rich destinations and provide you the opportunity to explore unique activities at each destination we visit. You will go beyond the tourist façade to engage in immersive experiences that afford you an insight into the culture.


Women’s Connection

We are particularly concerned about the status of women in the communities that we visit. We make every effort to do business with women-owned establishments, hire female guides, locate female artisans, and engage with women who are supporting and encouraging the improvement of women in their community.

Each trip is unique in that we offer one or more activities with local women who are making a significant difference in their community. These activities are designed to make us aware of women in other cultures, how they live, and their struggles to be heard and to become successful in their country. The details of these activities are shared upon arrival.


Upcoming Sojourns

Marrakech, Fez & Chefchaouen: Women 40+

International Women’s Day - March 2020

Two cities, a village and a night in the desert. An unforgettable ten days!

Mexico City & San Miguel de Allende

Mother’s Day Weekend - May 2020

Mothers & daughters reconnect for a weekend of food, art & fun!

"A smaller operator that lets you choose an age group of ladies you’d like to travel with"

- Smarter Travel, 2018 


Guides, Ideas & Itineraries

A Pictorial Glimpse into Fez

Travel Etiquette You Should Know Before Traveling Abroad


Our Story

Tami (mother) and Latifah (daughter) began exploring other countries when Latifah was young. They have journeyed together as well as solo. Between them, they have visited over 50 countries. They both love to travel, and they have found that traveling renews and invigorates their soul and improves their connection with themselves, each other, and those around them. Their journeys have helped them to realize their inner strengths, healed wounds, and inspired new beginnings. They would like to introduce you to their favorite places and that you, like them, will feel renewed, refreshed and perhaps see life a little differently after your travels with them. They extend a heartfelt invitation to you to come and travel with them!



A Pictorial Display of our Travels