What is included in the price of a trip with Femscape Sojourns?

What isn't included in the price of a trip with Femscape Sojourns?

There are many travel groups available, why should I choose Femscape Sojourns?
We treat you as our guests. We keep our size small so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or lost in the crowd and we offer you the opportunity to meet and interact with local women. We take you to our favorite destinations around the world and give you time to observe and absorb the culture. On most of our trips we focus on discovering one or two cities and the surrounding area. By staying in fewer locations, you are not having to pack up and change hotels every night— which can be exhausting. We want you to come away from traveling with us feeling that you are rested, relaxed and that your cultural perspective has been expanded and enhanced. 

How much does each trip cost?
The trip prices vary depending on the location and the type of trip. Please see specific trip details for prices.

I am married but my husband doesn't like to travel.  Are most of the women who travel with you single? Both married and single women join us on our trips!  

I am traveling alone. Do I need to have a friend with me to book a double occupancy room?
No! On some of our trips, who shares a room is determined by the room selection. However, on many of our trips where all the room choices are the same, we will send you a survey to try to match you with a roommate.

Who are our hosts for the trip?
Tami or Latifah (and often both) will be your hosts for the trips. 

Are all of your trips the same?
No, we offer three types of trips. We offer mother-daughter trips, trips for women age 40 and up, and trips for women in their 20s and 30s. The age categories are guidelines - the choice is yours! You are by no means restricted to traveling in your age category!

The mother-daughter trips are trips that focus on mothers and their adult daughters bonding and spending quality time together while exploring the culture. Grandmothers and granddaughters as well as aunts and nieces are welcome as well. The daughters, granddaughters and nieces must be 18 years or older. 

The trips for women age 40 and older are hosted by Tami (sometimes Latifah joins us) and focus on slowing down and absorbing the culture with our days spent at a relaxed pace. On most of Tami’s trips you will spend time exploring cultural landmarks, quality restaurants, shopping, relaxing with yoga, meditation and/or spa treatments. Latifah offers trips for women in their 20s and 30s who want more adventure and to explore the edgier side of life. The common theme on all our trips is that we try to engage you in immersive experiences and connect you to local women.

How old do the daughters, granddaughters and nieces have to be to join your trips?
They must be at least 18 years old to travel with us.

Do I have to be in that age range to go on specific trips?
No, but the trips are often quite different. However, if you are thirty something and would prefer to join the slightly older group, you are welcome to do that and if you are in your forties but still thirty at heart, you can join the younger group. The choice is yours!

What is the size of your groups?
We like to keep the group size small ranging from 8-16 women on each trip.

I am social but I also like time to myself. Do I always have to attend the group activities?
No, the choice is yours. The group activities are included in the price of the trip but if there are times when you would just prefer to be alone or you don’t want to join in a particular activity, the choice is yours. Besides group activities, we also build time into every schedule for you to wander and explore the city on your own. We offer you maps and suggestions for activities on the afternoons when you are on your own.

Are we going to have to go on long boring tours with guides telling us the history of old buildings?
No. We do hire local guides, but they have been screened by us for their language abilities and the
narratives that they offer about the sites. We focus on shorter tours that highlight the interesting aspects of an area.

What type of accommodations will we be staying in?
We select accommodations that we would choose if we were traveling alone, usually boutique hotels. We love boutique hotels that offer a flavor of the surroundings. All accommodations are considered upscale or luxury. Sometimes the hotel will have a modern, edgy vibe and at other times a minimalist feel or a decadent lush interior. It depends on the country and the type of trip we are offering.

I only speak English. Will that be a problem?
No, not at all. In most of our destinations, people speak some English and in some destinations when we get stuck, Latifah speaks English, Spanish and Arabic so she can translate. We offer a basic language class on some trips and we always recommend that you learn a few words of the language. Just saying hello in a person's language and smiling opens many doors!

I have a food intolerance to certain foods. Will the restaurants we visit be able to offer me something that I can eat?
Please let us know in advance if you have food allergies and we will do our best to accommodate you for the meals that we provide with the trip. However, most of our meals are taken together in local restaurants and you will have the choice to select menu items that suit your diet.

I am a vegetarian. Will there be options for me to eat?
Yes, we eat at local restaurants and you will have the option to select what you would like to eat. We select restaurants that offer more than meat options.

Are there specific types of clothes that I need to bring on the trip?
We will send you a complete packing list and information about guidelines for certain cultures.

Please see specific trips for more details.

  • the accommodations (usually boutique hotels that offer a flavor of the country we are visiting);

  • usually breakfast every morning and some additional meals. Please see specific trips for details;

  • all transportation to and from the scheduled group activities;

  • all guides for the scheduled group activities;

  • all scheduled group activities such as dance classes, watching dance performances, cooking classes, balloon rides, camel riding, sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, yoga classes, meditation classes, horseback riding, shopping trips and spa trips;

  • beach chair and umbrella on our scheduled group beach days;

  • meeting with local women. Please see specific trips for details;

  • all group scheduled cultural tours such as visiting museums or historical sites;

  • any item specifically listed as being included;

Please see specific trips for more details.

  • airfare to and from the retreat location;

  • meals not listed (Please see specific trip details).

  • transportation to and from the airport and hotel. (There are some trips where we do provide transportation upon arrival. Please check each trip.) We will provide you information on transportation options;

  • activities that you choose to do on your own during the free afternoons;

  • additional spa treatments;

  • wine, champagne or any type of alcoholic beverages.

  • optional gratuities for hotel staff, tour guides, spa employees, and other guides or instructors;

  • any item not specifically listed as included.