Why Femscape Sojourns?


We Do All the Work

We spend endless hours researching each Femscape Sojourn destination so that you don’t have to.  We take into consideration the best time to visit each location, the most interesting cities and villages, and possible modes of transportation. We avoid 'cookie-cutter hotels' by selecting accommodations that offer you a unique flavor of the destination and choose a location that will immerse you into the culture.


Handcrafted Itineraries

We pride ourselves in crafting non-mainstream experiences to provide you with one-of-a-kind experiences. We create itineraries that highlight the most interesting places and activities the location has to offer. We do visit some of the well-known sites, or we give you time to explore them on your own, but overall, we offer unique activities that you won't find in larger tour groups. We make sure to stay up to date on everything that’s unique for all of our destinations and we carefully evaluate countless options for guides and activities.


Gain an Authentic Experience

Every trip and activity is handpicked and curated by us (Tami & Latifah) based on our personal experiences at each destination. We are continuously immersing ourselves in various cultures to learn more and develop sojourns in order to share these memorable experiences with you. We investigate where the locals eat, shop and are entertained and we partner with local residents to ensure that your experiences are immersive, authentic and memorable.


Support women

By choosing to travel with Femscape Sojourns also means you’re choosing to support the local women in the destinations we travel to. All of our trips are designed to give back to local female-owned businesses and initiatives. Without supportive women at each destination, Femscape Sojourns wouldn’t be able to provide the experiences that it does today.


Increase Cultural Awareness

Femscape Sojourns offers women the opportunity to experience cultures that they may not have otherwise experienced on their own.  We believe that the activities and experiences we have planned will help our clients understand and appreciate new cultures and other ways of living. From the people you’ll meet, to the sights you’ll see, to the food you’ll taste, to the sounds you’ll hear, our trips are guaranteed to leave a beautiful, lasting imprint in your memory.


Travel Smart

Traveling with Femscape Sojourns provides you the opportunity to travel with other like-minded women from all over the world. Our small group trips allow you to meet new women, gain new perspectives and form friendships. You won’t get lonely on our trips, yet you’ll have free time to spend alone if you’d like. You’ll never be crammed onto a bus or in a hotel room as our trips max out at sixteen women. All-female group travel enhances your travel experience, makes you feel individually empowered and creates an environment for solo female travelers to grow and explore within the safety of a strong female group.