Who We Are.

Tami and Latifah began traveling together when Latifah was three months old and they have never stopped. Together, they have explored the world as well as traveled solo. Between them, they have visited over 50 countries. They both love to travel and they have found that traveling renews and invigorates their soul and improves their connection with themselves, each other, and those around them. Their journeys have helped them to realize their inner strengths and have inspired new beginnings. Their hope is that they can introduce you to their favorite places and that you, like them, will feel renewed, refreshed and perhaps see life a little differently after your travels with them.  They extend a heartfelt invitation to you to come and travel with them!



Other cultures have always fascinated Tami and she has spent a considerable part of her life living and working abroad. She loves meeting new people, learning about new cultures, trying new foods and talking with everyone she encounters. Her goal is to create a warm and intimate atmosphere where you can relax and unwind. She looks forward to introducing you to her favorite countries and exploring new cultures together! 


Latifah loves traveling to learn about the differences in the world and to become a more open-minded person. She has worked in the travel industry for many years and has extensive knowledge about the travel world. Her hope is for every Femscape Sojourner to return from the trips feeling inspired, enlightened and educated. She can't think of anything more exciting than traveling with a group of culturally inquisitive women.