How Femscape Sojourns Was Born

Latifah and Tami have been traveling together since Latifah was three months old, but they started traveling on mother-daughter only trips when she was a teenager. Latifah reluctantly went on their first mother-daughter trip to Hawaii. She was determined that the trip would be miserable and that her mother would be no fun. What she found surprised and even shocked her. Through the experience of traveling together, of seeing each other in different situations, of doing unusual activities together and of stepping outside of their usual routine, they were both able to view each other with new perspectives. They bonded in new and healthy ways. They came back from that first trip much closer and determined to make mother-daughter travel a priority in their lives. Each trip they took made their relationship stronger, and when Latifah would tell her friends about their vacations, they were always surprised to find that Latifah got along so well with her mother— so much so that she couldn’t wait to travel with her mother on another trip.

Latifah’s goal was to make mother-daughter trips available to more people; therefore, Femscape’s mother-daughter sojourns was born. Latifah believes that bonding with her mother on these trips has been one of the most significant events in her life. Over the years, traveling has brought them closer together and has taught her a lot about her mom and the type of woman she wants to become.

The women-only age group categories developed because Tami has met women over the years who would like to travel but have no one to travel with because they are divorced, widowed, their husbands don’t like to go anywhere, or they just want a break from their usual routine and to spend time with other like-minded women. Latifah has talked with many younger women who want to travel but would prefer to share this experience with other females rather than going solo. Moreover, knowing the difference between what Tami likes to do as a more mature woman and what Latifah enjoys doing as a young woman and the difference in the amount of energy they each have, they decided to offer different types of trips to cater to various age groups.



Other cultures have always fascinated Tami, and she has spent a considerable part of her life living and working abroad. She loves meeting new people, learning about new cultures, trying unusual foods, and talking with everyone she encounters. Her goal is to create a warm and intimate atmosphere where you can relax and unwind. She looks forward to introducing you to her favorite countries and exploring unique cultures together!



Latifah loves traveling to learn about the differences in the world and to become a more open-minded person. She has worked in the travel industry for many years and has extensive knowledge about the travel world. Her hope is for every Femscape Sojourner to return from the trips feeling inspired, enlightened and educated. She can't think of anything more exciting than traveling with a group of culturally inquisitive women.