Who You Are

 Hot air ballooning over Temecula, California

Hot air ballooning over Temecula, California



  • women who want to travel to exotic locations and explore the world.

  • women who realize that today only happens once!

  • women who may simply want to travel in the company of other women.

  • females who want to live life to the limits, to see the possibilities and to understand and connect with other cultures.

  • women who want to get back in touch with themselves as women and  reassess what is important to them.

  • females at the point in their lives where they'd like to connect with women their age and with women in other cultures.

  • women who would like new adventures, new experiences and who would like to connect with other cultures because they feel that these experiences make their life richer and broadens their perspectives.

  • women whose secret obsessions are tango, chocolate and cappuccinos!